Prophet Elijah and the widow of Zarephath.

Made me wonder why Jesus the high priest never got to enter the Holy of Holy of the temple of Jerusalem?

Those high priests who did enter how human and how weak were they?

Why is the widow with two small coins is more important than the big donors?

Thank god I do not have to preach this week-end. the pressure is on our deacons who will have to answer these questions> lol.

Read the readings and come prepared to enter the holy of Holy on behalf of Jesus or just be that widow with two coins or with everything that you are.

All Souls day

To be a Catholic is to celebrate. this week-end we celebrate all souls that are united to God. They are in in HIM and that is why they are saints and we are so privileged to commune with them.

this week-ends readings:

1st Reading: People will gather, a great multitude, from all nations, race people and tongue. So it is not exclusive to any rather open to all.

2nd Reading: We are God’s children. No matter how different we are.

Gospel: Beatitudes: the definition of a saint.

My thoughts: could we be different and yet find our way to heaven? Do people of different faith, race, religion, sexual orientation…. will they find their way to heaven? Dec 08 we begin the year of Mercy. How merciful we ought to be to go to heaven?

Please read Mathew 13:24-30 parable of the weeds

Sunday Homily Oct 25, 2015

Who is God for us?

This Sunday we celebrate God as the high Priest for us.

1st Reading says: this high Priest will console and bring back the exiled Israelite back to the promised land even the the blind and the lame.

2nd Reading: Jesus is the High Priest.

Gospel: The cry of the blind man: “Jesus son of David have mercy on me” “what do you want from me” asks Jesus not only the blind man but he asks you and me.

So when you come this Sunday for mass be prepared with your request from Jesus. Write it down and bring along.

If you believe you shall see the Glory of God.

Catholic Education: how important it is.

27 hours a year offered during our Sunday School for our children to be taught the faith is no way near enough. Most of it is done after school hours where children and the youth are just tired or absent.

8 hours a day in a catholic school will give our children the prayerful atmosphere they need to build up their life and career. it is expensive. Of course it is. Good things are always expensive. And our children deserve the best.

33% of priests ordained last year came from catholic schools. Holy Spirit catholic church in Lubbock TX could have a catholic school. what do you think? what information would you need if you want to see this school become reality?