Pope Francis recently mentioned about immigration. Does Catholic Church promote open boarder policy? Of course not. It is not the place for Catholic Church to formulate policies or enforce them. It is the job of the government to protect its citizens. It is the politics of the land that needs to address the chaos.

We as a church will help every person who is in dire need of existence. We will cloth the naked, feed the hungry, heal the broken, educate and protect the children who have become our neighbors. We do not look at them as legal or illegal, citizens or aliens, but simply as children of God.

As citizens of our country let us choose the right people to represent us who can bring the change we need in the immigration policies.

Just a thought:  An example: It is not enough that we take refugees from Syria but hold Syria responsible for not protecting its citizens.


Pope Francis – Immigration and more…..

Pope Francis, who met again with Vice President Joe Biden just prior to leaving Sept. 27, acknowledged the warmth of the welcome in his final remarks.
“Your care for me and your generous welcome are a sign of your love for Jesus and your faithfulness to him. So, too, is your care for the poor, the sick, the homeless and the immigrant, your defense of life at every stage, and your concern for family life,” Pope Francis said. “In all of this, you recognize that Jesus is in your midst and that your care for one another is care for Jesus himself.” Catholic News September 27, 2015