Catholic Education: how important it is.

27 hours a year offered during our Sunday School for our children to be taught the faith is no way near enough. Most of it is done after school hours where children and the youth are just tired or absent.

8 hours a day in a catholic school will give our children the prayerful atmosphere they need to build up their life and career. it is expensive. Of course it is. Good things are always expensive. And our children deserve the best.

33% of priests ordained last year came from catholic schools. Holy Spirit catholic church in Lubbock TX could have a catholic school. what do you think? what information would you need if you want to see this school become reality?

7 thoughts on “Catholic Education: how important it is.”

  1. My husband and I would love to see a Cathokic School at Holy Spirit. We have three children. One transitioning into middle school at CTK next year. I am a teacher and would jump at the opportunity to work at Holy Spirit and would definitely send my kids there. Prayers for God’s will!!!

  2. Catholic education is, indeed, a beautiful thing. I made the decision this year to withdraw my two elementary school aged children from public school and enroll them in Catholic School. As our nation becomes ever more secular, I feel that we have an obligation to support Catholic education. Do we need a Catholic School at Holy Spirit? No. We already have a great Catholic School K-12 (Christ the King). We should support CTK at all levels, rather than duplicating efforts. If we duplicate CTK, then enrollment drops for both schools, and that, in turn, hurts catholic education, and would be a hardship to both schools. We should focus on supporting CTK, and implement new programs only if they are not already available at CTK or elsewhere in the diocese. Thank you, Father Rudi, for your support of a faith-filled Catholic education for our young people.

  3. I tend to agree with supporting CTK. I was wondering if such an effort would include the expansion of the PRO or would it be a separate entity? As moms, we love options.

  4. I see how difficult it is for the already 2 Catholic schools in our diocese to keep going. I would suggest that you support the 2 existing schools. Help them to continue the battle to give our children a good and faith filled education.

  5. I’m in agreement with Rob Hogan. I would love to see more Catholic education if it is needed and would not negatively impact the existing Catholic schools to such an extent that they need to close their doors. If the impact would be minimal then I say start slow with another ECDC and then preK thru Kinder and go from there.

    Being a single mom I found finding a good after school program a challenge and would have preferred to send my children to a catholic after-school program. We have many catholic children in the Friendship/Cooper/LISD school districts in need of after-school care. Holy Spirit is a good location to reach many children.

    This is just my opinion. Please also keep in mind our current debt.

  6. As a Mom with a student in a Catholic school I see rewards each day of having my child in a Catholic atmosphere. That is not to say that a Catholic school does not have the same problems a public school does, yes we do but we persevere. I can honestly say that CTK WORKS VERY HARD IN ALL ASPECTS TO KEEP GOING! Parents volunteer numerous hours, students put in service time and we have MANY fund raisers throughout the year. We are CTK! (At Notre Dame games they hold up signs and they chant “WE ARE NOTRE DAME!” ) We want to remain CTK. It is hard to pay for an education vs a free public education but we pray that the roots of our Catholic faith will remain embedded deeply in our child’s hearts and souls to carry on what is most important in life, faith in God. We ask for your support for our school through fundraisers, donations of money, volunteer hours or even a cake! We want to remain CTK. The school song states “…tho we are small we still stand tall…” we want to remain.

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