All Souls day

To be a Catholic is to celebrate. this week-end we celebrate all souls that are united to God. They are in in HIM and that is why they are saints and we are so privileged to commune with them.

this week-ends readings:

1st Reading: People will gather, a great multitude, from all nations, race people and tongue. So it is not exclusive to any rather open to all.

2nd Reading: We are God’s children. No matter how different we are.

Gospel: Beatitudes: the definition of a saint.

My thoughts: could we be different and yet find our way to heaven? Do people of different faith, race, religion, sexual orientation…. will they find their way to heaven? Dec 08 we begin the year of Mercy. How merciful we ought to be to go to heaven?

Please read Mathew 13:24-30 parable of the weeds

One thought on “All Souls day”

  1. With consideration to the uniqueness of each of our spiritual journeys, I want to remain open to acceptance of my family’s, friends’, and acquaintances’ personal paths and seek opportunities to share our faith. The parable of the sower and the weeds reminds me to avoid displaying hints of judgmental expressions when discussing our beliefs and traditions together. As a former ‘weed’, I am grateful for Our Lord’s mercy. With the saint’s intercession, I am encouraged to seek to understand rather than to be understood.

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